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How much do books cost per semester in college?

I'm trying to see how much I am going to have to save up this summer, and also plan ahead as to how much I'll need to work in college.

I'm going to UGA in the fall, if anyone is from there that could let me know.

Also, any tips on how I can save on books?How much do books cost per semester in college?
an arm + a leg
Seriously, at a community college, one semester my books cost more than the tuition for the 3 credit hour class I bought them for. I generally planned for $200-300 as a liberal arts English major. I also took out stafford loans and budgeted books into what I borrowed.

Get the booklist as soom as you can. When you can, y used books, and check bulletin boards (online and in buildings on campus) for other students getting rid of the books you need to buy - make sure it's the edition required for the class. They sometimes get updated between semesters, so last semester's book by the same title can be different. Used books can be 25%-50% cheaper than new books, especially in math and sciences classes, which can get uber pricey. But sometimes you'll have to get new.

Sell the books at the end of the semester that you won't need in the future. Youll probably get better deals selling and buying from other students than campus or indie bookstores. You'll at least make laundry money for a month or fun money for the weekend!How much do books cost per semester in college?
books have all different prices. however, new costs more than used saves. i'd try 2 get a used 1 B4 buying new. if no used 1's r there 4 what u need then u'll have 2 get new. 1 time there was a book drop @ my school %26amp; i saw a book that i could L8r use 4 reference. u may check 2 c if u can have 1 of those if yer allowed. usually ppl drop books they no longer need %26amp; they may B fair game 2 some 1 else in need. i'd check around in yer travels 2 c if there may B a book drop somewhere, which would save u $$$ b/c books r really expensive. this is also y it's so important 2 keep ALL books in excellent cond, ESPECIALLY if u must buy new, so u'll get as much of yer $$$ back as u possible.

if u can get financial aid 2 buy them 4 u, i'd do it. remember tho, if u don't get yer grant fast enough u'll get stuck w/ a cash register surprise; i did. i had 2 temporarily attend class w/o a book til i was able 2 buy what i needed. i was lucky 2 have another student share a book w/ me, which was a real blessing. i can now pay it 4-ward 2 some 1 else who may 1 day need my help.
My books were about $700 for the first semester. These books are so expensive. As soon as you professors put up the list of books you need, then search on barns and noble or amazon or any website that sells used books. Used books are so much cheaper. Make sure you know what your professor wants because I bought books before classes started and we didnt use half of them for one particular class. Good Luck!How much do books cost per semester in college?
Bring a pen and paper to the book store, copy the book info and tell the store clerk to kiss your ***, then go online and order them (www.half.com). When the semester is over, sell them to the book store that you weren't going to buy the books from. A lot of times you will make more money than you spent.

Good Luck!!
generally the cost of books vary per classes. the less classes you take the less amount of books you need. i took 4 classes last semester and all my books were close to 400. its cheaper to look around online for deals then to buy them in the bookstore. also some past students put up fliers of books they r selling
I spent about $300 - $400 per Semester on books new from the campus bookstore. You could go to a local, used bookstore and get the books cheaper from a previous student - but they might have notes inside. Try craigslist.
could be a few hundred dollars..i have my issues with that..but each book can start at 100 bucks..any subject.. math ones are more
first semester cost me $800

second semester cost me $300

depends on the courses your taking and if your buying new or used books
Last semester it cost me $1,200. Most of the expenses came from a computer programming class which I later withdrew
It really depends on the courses you are taking. On average, it's probably about $200-300. Could be more or could be less.
If it is new it will be more

If used cost ,much less
He's lying it's about 1 arm and 2 legs.
some books are $150 and up so I say the total would be $500
for a full time student, i'd say about $500 per semester. buy used, use ebay if you can find em



When am i supposed to buy books for college?

I am starting next week and havent bought my books yet. Would i get in trouble if i went in the first day without them?When am i supposed to buy books for college?
I'm a senior in college and i have learned that if the professor has not made some kind of announcement through the schools website or through email then books are not necessary to get by the first day of class. i usually get my books within the first week though. the longer you put off buying your books the further behind you get in the readings that are required and those readings can really pile up against you.

i guess from a Prof's standpoint it would be ideal to get your books before class, but from a student's stand point you can get it whenever you want. The Prof is not going to call you out in front of the entire class demanding reason for why you don't have your book.

some Prof's want you to bring your book to class everyday. this is when they might get a little mad if you don't have your books yet. other times they don't need you to bring your book to class, but they would like to discuss the reading assigned for that day and a lot of classes require participation in the discussion.

As long as you eventually get your books, everthing should be fine
You will be okay for the 1st class but will be in trouble from the 2nd class onwards. So go ahead you probably have less than a week to get you books.

Look up used book stores around your school/college. They usually have good deals.When am i supposed to buy books for college?
It has been a few year but I do not think I ever used my book the first day. I always had it with me though. I recomend getting them now. The teacher may say... Open your book and you would feel pretty unhappy if you didn't have it. Good luck school is FUn
No most people won't have them. I ordered my books online during the first week of classes so I'd have them during the 2nd and 3rd weeks.When am i supposed to buy books for college?
no, but ur going to miss out on the readings 4 the first day
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  • Any good, trusting websites that I can buy New/Used college books?

    Another website like Amazon.com is what I'm looking for.

    Even some books that are new in Amazon come out $100 less than if I buy them in my college.

    thanks in advanceAny good, trusting websites that I can buy New/Used college books?
    Listamillion.com classified ads is a wonderful site for buying and selling cheap items such as college textbooks. I was in need of cheap textbooks and while I was doing a search, I ran across listamillion.com. I was definitely impressed with the selection of items on the site. There are so many people that are selling their stuff on sites like these for cheaper prices because they just want to get rid of these textbooks and get some money to buy more books for the next semester. College students are in need of money and textbook flipping is a main source of income. I would highly recommend you guys to check out listamillion classified ads. Site: http://www.listamillion.comAny good, trusting websites that I can buy New/Used college books?

    barnes and noble

    Ebay (people are under contract there, so the website is legit)

    it's a great site for used books! and you can search it by ISBN number, thank god.Any good, trusting websites that I can buy New/Used college books?
    I really like half.com! I sell on there too!

    Is Amazon.com a legit place to buy college books? Has anyone ever had problems with them?

    My husband uses Amazon.com to order his text books.Is Amazon.com a legit place to buy college books? Has anyone ever had problems with them?
    I have no idea how you ended up over here in Pain Management. Something funny about that - college text books in Pain Management...

    Anyhow... my niece has used Half.com for text books for several years with good results. I think they're associated with Amazon.

    When is the right time to start to buy text books for college?

    Im starting school the 30th of august and i want to know when should u start shopping for texts booksWhen is the right time to start to buy text books for college?
    You shouldn't buy your books too early because if you drop the class, you want to be able to return the books and get your money back. You can save a lot of money by buying them online, but you'll only have between 7 and 30 days to return a book, depending on the site. So just make sure you time it right and you check out the return policies.

    What I usually do is wait until classes start and I know which classes I'm taking. Then I buy my books online. While I'm waiting for my books, I buy them from the bookstore as well. When I get my books in the mail, I return the ones I got from the bookstore (just make sure to note when the last day to return books is! It's usually only about 2 weeks from the time classes start).

    There are a lot of different places to buy books online. You can check out this article to find out which site would be best for you: http://makecollegereality.com/succeed/ge鈥?/a>
    You should buy used college textbooks at GreenTextbooks.com - Saving the Planet One Textbook at a Time GreenTextbooks.com is your online leader for finding used textbooks, DVDs, CDs. http://www.GreenTextbooks.com

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    When is the right time to start to buy text books for college?
    The best time is a few days after the start of text book selling date. If you go too early, they might not have all of the books you need in. I went yesterday to get mine and only got my math text book. The sociology textbook for my Principles of Sociology section isn't in yet.
    Start looking around for textbooks now, you can probably find good deals if you take some time looking at eBay, half.com, amazon.com and other sources rather than waiting last minute and buying from the college bookstore.When is the right time to start to buy text books for college?
    You should start as soon as you know the books. HOWEVER, if there is more than one prof teaching the subject, the books may not be the same. Be sure you know exactly what your prof wants and be sure you are not changing your schedule..
    Start looking around as soon as you have a list of what books you need. Used books are a good deal if you can find them in good shape and if you don't mind the highlighting done by someone else.
    As soon as you know what books you need, start looking around. Don't forget to check out cheap text book options in your area. You can save a ton that way.

    What are some tips on reading college level books in a certain amount of time??? Please help!?

    Hey there.

    Well, I am taking an AP World History course here at my high school. I have to read 30 pages by tomorrow. It doesn't sound like much, but the book is HUGE, and the letters are tiny.

    Any way to speed things up? I've heard of skimming through, but I don't know how to do that!

    Please, time is of the essence! What are some tips on reading college level books in a certain amount of time??? Please help!?
    I always speed read things like that---- It takes a little practice though

    Try skimming a page really quick---and see if you can articulate any facts you just read-----if not go back in and find them---and keep doing that.

    Where to buy college books online?

    I'm going to start my second semester soon and I was just wondering where, online, is the best place to order textbooks?Where to buy college books online?
    Amazon and eBay (trusted sellers though) have been the best resources for me through undergrad and especially grad.

    Amazon sells below the price of most college book stores and have other trusted sellers on there who offer the same books for even less.

    Just allow yourself enough time to get the books in the mail. I would order books 3 weeks before the semesters starts.Where to buy college books online?

    you can put in the book title or even just the number and it comes right up. tons of different conditions and very low prices! i always get and sell my books there!Where to buy college books online?
    Amazon.com...cheaper than my school anyway.
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